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OWF is saving your wallet and helping you look and feel your best! Join our FREE unregistered group fitness classes on the open floor. Classes are offered for all levels including Mild, Moderate, Challenging, Strength, Mind/Body & Monthly Special Classes.

Group Ride Classes: Experience the Thrill!!

Reserve a bike and experience this awesome fitness class. If you want to burn a ton of calories, test your cardio and slim and tone your body - this is the class. Due to high demand, registration is required.

Check out the Group Fitness Schedule for days and times and then sign up at reception or online.

OWF Offers 3 Group Ride Classes
New To Ride: Is a 30 minute introductory class teaching you all of the basics including proper set up.
Ride 1: Is a 45 minute class perfect for beginners and advanced students alike.
Ride 2: Is our 60 minute class for our advanced riders for a hard-core workout

Specialty Classes Kettlebells!

Welcome to Exclusive Agutsu Kettlebell Personal Training! You are about to embark on a leaner, stronger body.

This is high intensity, functional training! Burn more calories while maintaining muscle mass! Only Women's Fitness offers Kettle Bells with qualified, professional instruction; we guarantee high intensity sessions designed to increase your fitness level. (You'll maximize caloric burn!) One-to-one attention, this semi- private personal training session will give you the opportunity to perfect your technique and get more out of your workouts!

Specialty Classes TRX Suspension Training!

You are about to establish the most amazing level of functional fitness and core stability.

The TRX was designed for everybody and every fitness level. You will gain body awareness and overall body strength and prevent injuries in your everyday activities and sports. All TRX sessions are 1 hour to help you establish proper technique and gain the ultimate results!

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January 2, 2017

Bold text “I have been a happy member of Lady Fitness for at least 5 wonderful years! I have enjoyed Yoga, Step and kickboxing. I fell in love with Zumba and began going to one 1 hour class every day. The pounds melted away and then I hit a plateau. I continued my workouts, and I watched and changed my eating habits and BOOM! Between eating right and burning calories EVERY DAY, I have lost and kept off 60 pounds. Of course around the holidays, I gain a few back, but it doesn't take long to get back on track with my super motivating instructors! The day care is so clean and nice. When I have to bring children, they also have a great time! Thank you

I knew I needed to try something different, so I walked into the closest Lady Fitness and changed my life. At Lady Fitness, I found a variety of group fitness options, a supportive, energetic environment, and several programs tailored to helping me achieve my weight loss goals. The trainers and instructors were so inspiring that I decided to get certified and am now teaching my own classes. I have lost 75 pounds and dropped 12 pant sizes! At first I was worried the gym membership wouldn’t fit into our tight budget, until I realized that it costs less per month than one trip to McDonalds with my family. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made.

I could never have imagined a life where I was teaching fitness classes, running half marathons, and feeling good about myself. Health is an incredible gift. And I am so grateful.”


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  • Cardio
  • Swimming pool
  • Massage
  • Group Lessons
  • Aerobics
  • Crossfit

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Hi! My name is Nicole and I started coming to Lady Fitness in 2003, while I was in the 9th grade. I was 5’0” tall and weighed 165lbs. This is when my mom and I decided to gain control of our lives and get healthy.


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I knew that it wasn’t going to be a quick-fix and that I needed a complete lifestyle change. We decided that to make this lifestyle change work, and last, our home environment needed to change. As a family, we started to eat more fruits and vegetables, and completely got rid of soda in the house, we try to eat less treats, and we don’t have candy sitting around tempting us—out of sight out of mind. This isn’t to say that I have become strict about what I eat; I am now just more aware of what I am eating. I am a firm believer in the rule: everything in moderation. If you completely restrict you’re favorite foods out of your diet you’ll go crazy and eventually cave in. Just little simple changes in my diet have yielded huge results.

Fitness Type

# Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
1. Fit Dance Step 360 Yoga-lates Tone and Fit
2. Step Zumba Latin Beat Abs & Legs
3. Mobility and Core Strength and Conditioning Boxing Fit Belly Dance
4. Yoga Belly Fit Indoor Cycling Training Gym




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